There are over hundreds of digital marketing agencies in Malaysia.

If you are looking to work with a digital marketing agency, we have narrowed down the list of digital marketing agencies to the top 7 in Malaysia.

Each digital agency has their own unique proposition and expertise, pick the one that best fit your company’s needs.

Let’s get started!


Top 7 Digital Marketing Agencies in Malaysia (Alphabetical Order)

1. Arrow Digital Media

2. Axcel Digital

3. Cake Media

4. Henz Studio

5. Mantra

6. Mintsprout

7. PurpleClick


1. Arrow Digital Media

We will start off with the best in this list – Arrow Digital Media!

In all seriousness, we believe we are one of the best in business for services such as SEO and social media marketing as they are our bread and butter.

Find out more about Arrow Digital Media here >


2. Axcel Digital

Next on the list is Axcel Digital.

Axcel Digital is a full-service digital agency, offering a wide range of services to ensure companies have an omnichannel presence in major online platforms.

Their services include social media marketing, SEO, pay per click, email marketing, copywriting, messenger marketing, and web design.

Find out more about Axcel Digital here >


3. Cake Media

Cake Media is a 360 degree media agency that provide custom campaign for their clients.

Besides digital marketing services, Cake Media also has experience in event management and traditional media, making them a popular 360 degree media agency.

Find out more about Cake Media here >


4. Henz Studio

Henz Studio provide creative web design services to match the company’s corporate identity.

With over 15 years of experience serving clients in Malaysia, Henz Studio is the ideal company to engage for corporate website, CMS website, and responsive website.

Find out more about Henz Studio here >


5. Mantra

Mantra is a creative agency that develops impactful and memorable experience for businesses to build a strong recognition in the marketplace.

With their portfolio of big brands, Mantra is your ideal agency if you are looking to boost brand awareness for your company.

Find out more about Mantra here >


6. Mintsprout

Mintsprout is one of the few digital agencies in Malaysia that is a Hubspot Partner. Being a Hubspot Partner, Mintsprout specialises in inbound marketing strategies to increase leads and revenue.

With inbound marketing, you will be able to save your paid advertising budget as the leads would come from organic channel.

Find out more about Mintsprout here >


7. PurpleClick

PurpleClick is a performance driven agency, having won over 30 awards!

Being a premier Google Partner, PurpleClick is well-versed with Google Pay Per Click campaigns for both display and search advertising.

Find out more about PurpleClick here >



Hopefully this list of top 7 digital marketing agencies in Malaysia will help you decide the ideal agency to hire for your project.

Hiring the right digital agency will be the difference between a mediocre marketing campaign and a superb marketing campaign that generates great results.

So pick wisely and all the best!