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In this article, our team at Arrow Digital Media Malaysia have put together 50 digital marketing tips you can use for your business. We will discuss the key areas of digital marketing such as social media, Google ads, SEO, website optimization, and email marketing.

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Digital Marketing Tips for Each Category

1. Social Media

2. Google Ads Pay Per Click

3. SEO

4. Website Optimization

5. Email Marketing


Social Media Tips

1. Always review a couple of times before you make a social media post as every post you make could either enhance or destroy your brand.

2. Post consistently on the big 5 social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest.

3. Use trending hashtag and get organic reach from it.

4. Run social media ads to reach your targeted audience. Organic post alone would slow down your growth.

5. Utilize retargeting to follow up with your prospects and turn them into customers.

6. Test both videos and image and assess which creative work best for your business.

7. Work with Instagram influencers to promote your brand. Be sure to check their latest engagement rate.

8. Analyse your competitors’ ads. Go to your competitors Facebook page and click on Info And Ads (yes Facebook has recently allowed this). Happy stalking!

9. Use tools like Buffer to create a social media calendar. Automate your posting for half-yearly or yearly.

10. Run giveaway contest on social media. This is the best way to go viral and increase brand awareness as people share your post.


Google Ads Pay Per Click Tips

11. Follow the rules Google ads before running your campaign to avoid getting a ban. Read their terms carefully.

12. Optimize the URL displayed in your ad and ensure it’s relevant to your product or services.

13. Include target keywords in your ad headlines and copy to match the keywords you bid as Google likes relevant ad.

14. Write clear calls to action (“CTA’) for your ads that directly state what you want them to do. For example “Contact for a Free Consultation” or “Get a 30% Voucher.”

15. Capitalize the first letter of major keywords in your ad. Don’t go crazy with all caps as Google hates them and may not show your ad.

16. Check your grammar and spelling in the ad. Some people are put off by poor grammar.

17. Use Ads extension in your ad. Popular extensions to add include sitelink, structured snippet, callout, and call.

18. Ensure the keywords in your ad matches the landing page on your website.

19. If you are running display ads, use an attractive image to capture the audience’s attention.

20. Lastly, ask yourself, would you click on the ad? If your answer is no, find out why and tweak the ad.


SEO Tips

21. Have a business blog and produce content regularly to educate your customers.

22. Enable share buttons on your blog to allow your website visitors to easily share your content on their social media pages.

23. Optimize your Google My Business – Business name, phone number, location, and opening hours.

24. Include geo-specific keywords, such as your city, town, and zip codes on your website, blog, and social media channels.

25. Learn the techniques of proper on-page optimization. Here’s a great on page guide from Backlinko.

26. Getting backlinks from niche relevant industry websites that have already established credibility and authority.

27. Ask your customers for Google reviews. Positive reviews would help you rank better in the search engine results and help convince new prospects to work with your business.

28. Guest post on authority websites to send traffic back to your website.

29. Embed relevant YouTube video on your website.

30. Images Optimize images with the keyword. Add keywords to your image captions and alt text.


Website Optimization Tips

31. If you haven’t update your website for few years, do it now! A modern design is key in digital marketing and helps attract website visitors.

32. Make your website mobile-friendly as mobile traffic will soon exceed desktop traffic! Use Google’s mobile-friendly test.

33. Complete your site’s metadata (title tags, meta descriptions, image alt text.). Use the Yoast SEO plugin if you are using WordPress.

34. Get a premium theme from Themeforest. Free themes are great for beginners but as your business grows, use the premium theme as it looks more professional.

35. Use a chatbot on your website to engage website visitors and give them a unique personalized experience.

36. Make sure your website loads fast. 1-3 seconds is the ideal speed. Anything more than that, you would need to speak to your developers.

37. Collect your visitors’ email address by having a lead magnet on your website.

38. Utilize web analytics tool like Google Analytics and Crazy Egg to analyze the traffic and behaviour of your website visitors.

39. If your website is still using HTTP, install the SSL and redirect HTTP to HTTPS.

40. Avoid thin content as Google might penalize the website. Write 500-2,000 words per page.


Email Marketing Tips

41. Have at least 3-5 areas in your website to collect emails

42. Use an autoresponder like GetResponse to engage both new and existing subscribers.

43. Segregate your email list into few categories based on your subscribers’ interest.

44. When you are having a product launch, start emailing your list 2-3 weeks ahead to pique their interest.

45. Collaborate and pay other people to promote your product to their email list. You can then give the person a cut for each product sold coming from their list.

46. Test emails with and without pictures (check the analytics and assess which one has the higher click-through rate)

47. Use eye-catching email subject lines to capture people’s attention and increase open rates.

48. Give your subscribers the option to unsubscribe. If they do unsubscribe, ask them why and use the feedback to improve on your email delivery

49. Test long-form and short-form email. You may be surprised that long form could perform better (yes, people still do read)

50. Always stay in contact with your list. Email them at least once or twice a week even if you don’t have anything to sell. It could be an email about a blog post you just wrote to provide value to them.


There you have it.

50 digital marketing tips to help you grow your business online.

So go ahead and apply these tips today!