The way of marketing has changed in the world.

There used to be a time when people had to manually go around a physical market to sell their products. These days, a lot of the focus is on the mainstream social media for marketing.

Social Media is a communication platform where people communicate by sharing different content, messaging and news to the world. Example of prominent social media sites includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Google+.

Social media marketing refers to the way of selling products and services via social media. Social Media Marketing has many benefits over traditional marketing methods.

Firstly, social media marketing is much more efficient than traditional marketing as it provides the ability to target your ideal audience based on their interest and behaviour on Facebook.

In addition, it is still relatively cheap as social media marketing has only been around for less than 10 years. Anyone can control the media and promote their brand’s reach at a cheap price point.


4 Major Benefits of Social Media Marketing:

List of Social Media

1: Brand Awareness

Social media gives newer brands a solid head start and you should always start your social media campaign with brand awareness ads.

Social Media exposure increases brand awareness by reaching your targeted audience based on their interest. Many businesses produce quality products, but they not known due to a lack of brand recognition. This is where social media marketing comes in.


2: SEO Rankings

Search Engine Optimization is very important to enhance a business’ website for visibility. If you have a very clear and consistent social signal on your business, your SEO rankings are bound to improve.


3: Conversions and Traffic

Imagine 1000 people visit your site and 10 people buy your product. This means you have a 10% Conversion rate. Once you know your conversion rate, it’s time to send traffic to your website via social media marketing. Once you know your customer acquisition cost, you can increase the traffic from social media consistently.


4: Customer Feedback

You can gain valuable suggestions from your customers through social media. Your customers can directly talk to a representative from your business, where they can either praise or give constructive feedback on your product. Your business can then change and adapt the products to suit the needs of the customer.



Social media marketing is here to stay and as people continue to spend more time on social media, the cost will only rise higher in the coming years.

So join the social media competition today and start running social media ads for your business. And if you need any help, contact our team at Arrow Digital Media.